EMDB is an application to keep track of your movie and TV Series collection. Both physical discs and media files are fully supported. With an automatic import from the database of IMDB, export to csv, text or HTML, thumbnail cover preview, a loan tracker, advances search and filter functions and multi-language user interface. EMDB doesn't need a .NET framework or any other external libraries and is therefore fully portable. And best of all... it's free!
EMDB is available in several languages: English, Dutch, Danish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Hungarian, Croatian, Swedish, Greek, Catalan, Czech, Norwegian, Japanese, French, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Serbian, Slovenian, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Hebrew, Persian, Albanian, Traditional Chinese, Romanian and Indonesian translations are included in the setup.
November 29th, 2016: EMDB V2.60 released
  • Thumbnails: Thumbnails are downloaded in a higer resolution for display on zoomed bookshelfs.
  • Posters: Added an option to download and display hi-resolution posters.
  • User Interface: Renamed 'Plot outline' to the new IMDb naming: 'Storyline'.
  • User Interface: Added Trailer and IMDb buttons to the Add/Edit screen.
  • Database: Added Writer field..
  • User Interface: Enter key now follows the configured double click action.
  • User Interface: Made the decription of the export and printing of Search / filter results more clear.
  • Database: Removed the limit of 100.000 actors.
  • User Interface: Fixed sorting of titles with prefixes including a apostrophe (e.g. L'odio).
  • User Interface: Fixed Filtering of 3D movies did not include SBS and 2D+3D movies.
  • HTML Export: Fixed alphabetical sorting of the 3D section.
  • Database: If (only) DateAdded was changed this was not saved to the database.
  • MovieMeter Import: Import was broken because they switched their API to the https protocol.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish and Dutch translations.
November 3th, 2016: EMDB V2.59 released
  • User Interface: Fixed a drawing error on the bookshelf when zoomed.
November 1st, 2016: EMDB V2.58 released
  • Add Movie: made the new "Auto TV Database" feature optional as not everybody seems to like it.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed issue where sometimes the wrong actor photo was added to an actor.
  • IMDb Import: fixed issue where sometimes the "Spain (Catalan title)" was used as alternative title instead od the tile listed as "Spain" (also for all other countries).
  • MovieMeter Import: fixed import due to changed API.
  • HTML Export: 3D section was not correctly sorted.
  • TV Series: marking "complete Series" was not working corectly.
  • Database: Replacing part of the path to media files can now be performed on all movies, selected movies or Search / Filter results.
  • User Interface: Fixed an occasionally crash while scrolling the actors in the Edit page.
  • User Interface: added option to show the duration in hours and minutes instead of minutes only.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, Italian, Slovenian and Dutch translations.
September 16th, 2016: EMDB V2.57 released
  • Add From HardDisk: Added support for automatically adding TV Series.
  • User Interface: Fixed the multi line comments field in the Add / Edit dialog screen.
  • User Interface: Added support for Ctrl-0 to reset the zooming to 100%.
  • Database: Added 4K UHD Bluray media type.
  • User Interface: The bookshelf did not scroll to the new selection when using the random function.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed importing of data for movies containing a hashtag ('#') in their title (e.g. '#Horror').
  • IMDb Import: Fixed importing of Country and Languages because of changed IMDb website layout.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed importing of thumbnails and cast photos because the IMDb images are now hosted on a separate https server.
  • TVSeries: status was reset when re-opening the TVSeries edit page.
  • Add Movie: Import from TheTVDb is now automatically done when IMDb returns TVSeries data.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Catalan, Czech, French, Italian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Dutch translations.
June 4th, 2016: EMDB V2.56 released
  • User Interface: Copying and pasting and some other special keys were not working in the Add / Edit Movie screen.
  • IMDB Import: Fixed the 'First use actors with photo' feature.
  • User Interface: Added the correct DVD steelbook visualization and improved the visualization of the steelbook and bluray boxes and inlays.
  • DataBase: Corrected the Dolby Digital ES formats as they should be called Dolby Digital EX.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech and Dutch translations.
June 1st, 2016: EMDB V2.55 released
  • User Interface: The Add / Edit Movie screen now has the title in the tile bar so you can see which movie you are editing in any tab.
  • User Interface: Fixed displaying the Custom Genres in the Add / Edit Movie screen.
  • IMDB Import: IMDb started using a JavaScript ImageViewer to show the Movie Posters. This again broke the importing of the Movie thumbnails.
  • Add Movie Dialog: Using Enter to start an IMDB query after entering the title did not work anymore.
  • Edit Cast: Prevent actor name to be empty.
  • Edit Cast: Renamed the Remove button to Clear as it was for clearing the photo.
  • Edit Cast: Added a Delete Actor button.
  • Translations: Changed the unit for minutes from 'm' to 'min' ('m' is for meters).
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, Spanish, Arabic and Dutch translations.
May 27th, 2016: EMDB V2.54 released
  • Database: Added support for Actor photos.
  • User Interface: Redesigned the Add / Edit Movie screen with fixed tabbed mode.
  • User Interface: Improved the layout and performance of the Edit Cast screen.
  • TV Series: Added a TV Series Status field. The Status is imported from TheTVDB.
  • User Interface: Re-added the option to move the title prefixes to the end of the titles as a lot of people seem to like it this way. The option to keep the prefixes at the beginning but ignoring them when sorting remain.
  • User Interface: Fixed some fields which were not made readonly when a movie was locked.
  • HTML Export: Manually entered trailer links were not working in HTML export.
  • HTML Export: The DarkComfort HTML Export template was updated to V1.6.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Czech and Dutch translations.
May 8th, 2016: EMDB V2.53 released
  • IMDB Import: Again Fixed importing of thumbnails after another change on the IMDb website.
May 5th, 2016: EMDB V2.52 released
  • User Interface: Titles are now always shown with prefixes but can be sorted with or without the prefixes. The later is the default.
  • User Interface: Fixed text in context menu for editing from Ctrl-E to Alt-E.
  • TV Series: Fixed displaying of TV Series Details Screen in tabbed mode.
  • IMDB Import: Fixed importing of thumbnails.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Czech and Dutch translations.
April 9th, 2016: EMDB V2.51 released
  • User Interface: Scrolling through the bookshelf using the scrollbar or scroll wheel sometimes caused an error.
  • MediaInfo: Updated the 32/64bits versions to v0.7.84.
  • HTML Export: Links to custom genre pages were not working.
  • Search: Including Alternative title in Title Search did not always work.
  • User Interface: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC was not showing up as bluray in the bookshelf.
  • Translations: Updated the Italian, French, Persian, Slovenian and Czech translations.
March 13th, 2016: EMDB V2.50 released
  • Search: Added an option for including the alternative title in Title Search.
  • Search: Fixed a crash when closing the Search Cast and Search Characters windows before the list is fully populated.
  • HTML Export: Fixed trailer links in HTML Export.
  • Translations: Updated the Catalan, Finnish and Dutch translations.
February 21th, 2016: EMDB V2.49 released
  • IMDb Import: Fixed importing of IMDb trailer links.
  • HTML Export: Fixed link to trailer not working when links starts with http://.
  • Search: Fixed Cast Search.
  • User Interface: Improved the algorithm to hide the banner of the TV Series Detail Dialog based on resolution and DPI settings.
  • User Interface: Typing a part of a title in Bookshelf Viewing Mode jumps to the first matching movie but did not update the scollbar.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Persian, Finnish, Spanish and Czech translations.
February 15th, 2016: EMDB V2.48 released
  • Search: Fixed some search pages like Genres were not working after the last update.
  • HTML Export: Fixed several small issues.
  • HTML Export: Fixed links to movie pages in the Genre pages.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovanian, Czech and Dutch translations.
February 14th, 2016: EMDB V2.47 released
  • Search: Added fuzzy search for Title, Plot Outline, Comments and Custom Fields. This way searching for 'Metal Full' finds 'Full Metal Jacket'.
  • Search: Added support for Case Sensitive and Match Whole Word search options.
  • Search: Added Character Search.
  • Search: Added a Match All option for searching multiple groups.
  • HTML Export: Fixed naming of Custom Genres.
  • User Interface: Fixed displaying and sorting of custom Numbers. Custom numbers are free text format and should therefore be sorted alpabelticaly.
  • HTML Export: Lists are now correctly sorted when using custom numbers.
  • HTML Export: Added an option for full thumbnail listings.
  • HTML Export: Added an option to add the Year to all titles in listings.
  • HTML Export: The layout of the individual entries of the lists (both text and thumbnail layout) are now also configurable in the templates.
  • HTML Export: Added a 3D section.
  • TVSeries: When you remove a season from the TV Series Details screen the season text was not updated accordingly.
  • Add from HDD: The option ''Use folder names instead of file names to query IMDb' was not remembered.
  • User Interface: Fixed alternative titles starting with a hashtag did not show in ListView mode.
  • User Interface: Fixed toolbar buttons appear after returning from Full Screen.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovenian, Czech, Persian and Dutch translations.
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