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What's New?

Release 5.29

May 4th 2024

Release 5.28

March 19th 2024
  • HTML Export: Make the media player in the movie pages optional.
  • HTML Export: Include writer(s) and tags.
  • HTML Export: Latest additions should be determined on date added not numbers.
  • Export / Print: Latest additions should be determined on date added not numbers.
  • Update: Added an option to exclude 'Tagline' from being updated.
  • Search: Added search on imdb / themoviedb.
  • User Interface: Custom Languages 8 and 10 show as 'silent'.
  • CSV Export: Always display date seen as actual date (not 'Today' or 'Yesterday').
  • Database: Added 'Costa Rica', 'Cyprus', 'Soviet Union', 'Qatar', 'Iran', 'Morocco' and 'Slovakia' as possible Country properties.
  • TheMovieDB Import: improved retrieving the main country for a movie.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Catalan, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 5.27

December 30th 2023
  • Translations: Added the translation for toggling the movie list in TV Mode.
  • Database: Fixed an issue with path names containing '\u' as this is a escape character for unicode characters too.
  • Scan Harddisk: Added option to scan all sub folders too.
  • TV Series: When scanning for (new) episodes in the TV Series Details screen the stored root folder of the series is now used by default.
  • User Interface: Made it more clear default print is sorted by number and there is an option to print the current sorting too.
  • User Interface: Renamed options page 'Default settings' to 'Intial Values' as this option was not clear for a lot of people.
  • TV Series: Fixed manually adding png images for season posters and banner.
  • Add Movies: Fixed an issue where movies were added again when relative paths are enabled.
  • User Interface: Added description to title bar when filtered on Favorites.
  • Random did not always work when filtering, performing a quick search or resetting the view to show all movies.
  • Database: Improved re-numbering the entries in the database.
  • Database: Added an option to fix duplicate thumbnails.
  • Database: Fixed an issue when copy / pasting movies resulting in possible duplicate thumbnails.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, Hebrew, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, German, Arabic and Dutch translations.

Release 5.26

October 30th 2023
  • TV Mode: Added option to hide movie list (L).
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Fixed import.
  • Fix printing double '&&' instead of single '&' in lists.
  • User interface: Use checkmarks in columns.
  • Database: Added Favorite field with filtering and boolshelf visualisation.
  • Media Info: fixed detection of DTS:X audio stream for some movies.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Czech and Dutch translations.

Release 5.25

October 2nd 2023
  • Add movies: New movies were always set to version UNRATED.
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing of the IMDb top 250.
  • TV Mode: TV Series inside a collection were not properly supported.
  • Add from harddisk: Default Seen, Whishlist, Own and Shortlist were not set.
  • TheMoveDB import: Fixed an issue where TV Movies got the Sci-Fi' genre (e.g 'After the Fall (2010)').
  • User interface: Fixed overlapping text in IMDb Search result window for systems with font size set to 125% or higher.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Finnish, German, Hebrew and Dutch translations.

Release 5.24

September 5th 2023
  • MediaInfo: Fixed an issue where audio streams could get detected twice.
  • User Interface: Sorted the Versions in the dropdown list.
  • TheMovieDb import: When updating a cover from TheMovieDb on an "IMdb entry" the IMDb link and rating were overwritten by TMDb values.
  • User interface: In the edit screen IMDb stars could show 10 yellow stars while actual rating was lower.
  • Export to csv / text: Movies belonging to a Collection showed the Collection title instead of the Movie title.
  • Edit multiple movies: Added option to keep exiting tags when adding new ones.
  • Scan Hard disk: improved detection of moved files.
  • Batch update: Update location did not update base location of TV Series.
  • Database: Renumering the database entries made copies of collections.
  • Translations: Updated the Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Finnish, Portuguese, German, Czech, French and Dutch translations.

Release 5.23

June 26th 2023
  • Rotten Tomatoes import: Fixed Search for TV Series.
  • User Interface: Added Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score as selectable column.
  • User Interface: Added option to edit Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score.
  • User Interface: Tags are now always displayed sort by name.
  • User Interface: Fixed an issue with displaying tags.
  • Database: Custom Theaters were not stored properly.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Catalan, German, Czech, French, Russian and Dutch translations.

Release 5.22

June 5th 2023
  • Rotten Tomatoes import: Fixed import for localized queries.
  • Rotten Tomatoes import: Improved Search.
  • Search: changed searching year range description to indicate ending year is included (as the search already did).
  • TheMovieDb: Added an option to include adult search results.
  • HTML Export: output folder was not always remembered correctly.
  • TV Series Dialog: The list didn't properly follow the color settings of the main list.
  • Export / Print: New lines in text could break the layout.
  • TV Mode: fixed a crash when quickly going through the list (while missing backdrops were downloaded in the background).
  • TheMovieDb import: Add option to import IMDb rating, IMDb Top250, Awards and Metascores from IMDb when data source is set to TheMovieDb.
  • User interface: Added link to IMDb Metascore page.
  • User interface: Display number of votes in a more readable way.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Italian, German, Czech, French and Dutch translations.

Release 5.21

May 18th 2023
  • Data source options: Add Bulgarian and Catalan as data source languages.
  • Data source options: Updated explanation as IMDb scraper now uses the language not the country for localized titles.
  • Database: Added Video 2000 as Media type.
  • User Interface: drive labels where not shown in list view if enabled.
  • TheMovieDb Import: Improved getting Countries and Languages.
  • IMDb Import: (Partly) fixed getting Awards. IMDb only lists part of the awards if there are many. (EMDB downloads the page and grabs the available data and is not able to click See more).
  • User Interface:Added option to manually change the Awards.
  • IMDb Import: Improved getting spoken languages for localized titles.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed detecting Ukraine as Country.
  • Database: Added Latin and Luxembourgish as Spoken Language property.
  • Database: Added Latvia and Luxembourg as Country property.
  • Add new media files: MediaInfo data was being overwritten by IMDb / TMDB data (e.g Duration and Aspect Ratio).
  • TV Mode: Added status display for TV Series.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Czech, Arabic and Dutch translations.

Release 5.20

April 22nd 2023
  • Add from Hard Disk: Removed left over UI for scanning sub folders.
  • Startup: Added scan for new TV Series Episodes.
  • Startup: Fixed sometimes new movies were added as TV Series.
  • User interface: Renamed 'Date Seen' to 'Last Played'.
  • IMDb import: improved getting the localized, original and English titles.
  • HTML Export: Added video element on movie pages for local media files.
  • HTML Export: Added fav icon for all pages.
  • Print: Fixed printing a collection.
  • TV Mode: Setting an entry to seen resetted the Owned and Wish List flags (and the Short List flag but that is intended behavior).
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German, French, Czech, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch translations.

Release 5.19

April 12th 2023
  • Add from Hard Disk: improved detecting of local covers for TV Series.
  • Add from Hard Disk: Added support for PNG as local covers next to JPG.
  • Add from Hard Disk: Removed option to use folder names on query as it was confusing a lot of people. From now on Movies use file names and TV Series use the folder names to query.
  • Database: Added Theater to the Source properties.
  • Startup: Added a scan for newly added TV Series at startup. Soon this will be extended to scanning for new episodes on exiting TV Series entries too.
  • TheTVDb import: Fixed getting the Overview in a custom language.
  • TV Series: Fixed crash when manually adding a season.
  • TV Series: Completely rewrote the seen Series / Seasons / Episodes logic.
  • Database: Fixed mixup between Mayan and custom languages.
  • Add from Hard Disk: new movies could pick up left over covers from previous movies.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch translations.

Release 5.18

March 29th 2023
  • IMDb import: improved search results for non English queries.
  • IMDb import: no detailed information in search results was shown.
  • IMDb import: fixed importing Studio.
  • Search: fixed search on custom versions.
  • User interface: Language movie properties are now shown sorted alphabetically.
  • Database: added 5 more custom Languages, 5 more custom Services and 5 more custom Versions.
  • Database: Added several specific items to the extras (trailers, alternative endings, making of, director’s commentary, cut scenes)
  • >
  • HTML Export: Fixed creating database backup did not always worked.
  • TV Series: Seen Series was not correctly propagated to the main window.
  • TV Series: Adding seasons didn't reset the seen whole series flag.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Slovenian, Catalan, Portuguese and Dutch translations.

Release 5.17

January 27th 2023
  • HTML Export: Fixed duplication of listed movies when generating output multiple times while staying in the HTML Export screen.
  • TheMovieDb import: Fixed importing characters for TV Series.
  • User interface: fixed translation of Color column.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed import of taglines.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Fixed random values if movie page could not be loaded (e.g. if the website is blockek like in Iran).
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Fixed batch update.
  • Export / Print: Added option to export / print tags.
  • TV Display: Fixed arrow keys stopped working after navigation into TV Series episodes.
  • HTML Export: Fixed links to movies in Years overview.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, French, German, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

Release 5.16

December 30th 2022
  • HTML Export: Custom Versions were not displayed.
  • NFO: fixed 'tt' prefix for IMDb ids in NFO files.
  • User interface: selection in listview / bookshelf was not kept when sorting.
  • Add from Hard disk: Fixed getting proper tomatometer scores.
  • Manual Actor search: When adding an actor without image EMDB could give an error.
  • Database: play count is set to 1 if seen date is set but play count is still 0 (fixing movies marked as seen).
  • Database: Fixed play count on play
  • Add Movies: fixed the initial tomatoscores.
  • Export / Print: fixed display tomatoscore in listview / export / print
  • Translations: Updated the Spanish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Czech, French, German and Dutch translations.

What's New?

Release 5.15

December 22th 2022
  • User interface: added Play count to the columns to display.
  • Rotten tomatoes score: added manual editing of the tomatometer score.
  • Rotten tomatoes score: added audience scores.
  • Rotten tomatoes score: fixed updating by directly entering the movie url.
  • Database: added UMD as possible media type.
  • Multiple Edit: added Play count and Last played to the Edit Multiple Movies screen.
  • IMDb import: fixed import of trailer.
  • IMDb import: fixed download of actor photos when manually searching for an actor on IMDb or updating from IMDb.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Czech, French, German and Dutch translations.

Release 5.14

December 18th 2022
  • Rotten tomatoes score import: Rotten Tomatoes recently blocked the api search for unregistered users. I officially requested access for EMDB. No response so far. For now I'm guessing the individual movie page urls which seems to work fine for most movies / tv series.
  • TV Mode: Added icon for 1:2.39 aspect ratio.
  • Database: fixed saving last seen and play count.
  • TV Series: fixed setting seen series didn't set the play count which resulted in the series not marked as seen.
  • IMDb import: fixed searching for actors and importing name and photo.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Czech, French, German and Dutch translations.

Release 5.13

December 14th 2022
  • Rename files: Added support for TheTVDb Id (%M) in Rename media files.
  • Defaults: Added default Service (when default Source is set to Streaming).
  • Edit Directors Dialog: fixed rare crash when scrolling through the list of directors.
  • Database: 'Seen' is replaced by 'Last seen' + 'Play count'.
  • HTML Export: Added Collections.
  • HTML Export: Fixed letter in the breadcrumbs of the individual movie pages.
  • IMDb import: Use IMDb's global search instead of the advanced title search to support including the year specifying foreign titles.
  • Translations: Added a Korean translation.
  • Translations: Updated the French, German, Russian, Traditional Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 5.12

September 27th 2022
  • IMDb Import: Fixed search results was broken due to another change on the IMDb website.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed importing of the runtime.
  • Database: Added UHD + digital as Media.
  • Database: Added Iran as country.
  • User interface: local trailer button in edit screen and movie details panel was not shown.
  • User interface: Movie details panel sometimes showed link buttons and loan elements for a collection.
  • Edit on a collection should open the collection
  • translation features in edit screen was wrong
  • translation video codec in movie details panel was wrong
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Czech, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch translations.

Release 5.11

July 21th 2022
  • TV Mode: TV Series and Collections did not always show content.
  • TV Mode: TV Series with seasons with over 20 episodes did not show correctly.
  • Backups: Improved restoring a single database backup in one of the non default databases.
  • Backups: Improved reloading after restoring a backup (no need for a restart anymore).
  • Backups: Improved messages for restoring single or multiple database backups.
  • User Interface: Added keyboard shortcut F7 for selecting a random movie. This also works in full screen and TV Mode.
  • User Interface: Title Search in the top bar now also searches alternative titles.
  • Database: csv export and column display will now show tv / movie for TheMovieDb ids.
  • Database: Added an option to remove drive labels.
  • User Interface: search result screen in add from hard disk did cut of long file names.
  • User Interface: moved Mediainfo Update to the Media Files tab in the Batch Update Options page.
  • User interface: Sorting was reset after opening a collection.
  • Database: editing a movie and adding it to an existing collection shows an extra collection on the shelf
  • Search: Fixed search missing TV Series episodes on external drives.
  • Translations: Updated the Catalan, Czech, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch translations.

Release 5.10

June 20th 2022
  • User interface: After filtering on collections and opening a collection using back twice showed collections multiple times.
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing tagline and storyline.
  • IMDb import: Improved import of Genres.
  • Database: Re-indexing the database with thumbnail renaming could mix up images.
  • User interface: Poster mode inside a collection crashed when reaching the last movie.
  • Search: fixed search for missing TV Series episodes.
  • User interface: Show result for UHD/4K filter in title bar.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Czech, French, German and Dutch translations.

Release 5.09

June 10th 2022
  • Database: Renamed some rebranded streaming services: Disney -> Disney+. HBO -> HBO Max. CBS All Access -> Paramount+. Apple -> Apple TV+.
  • Database: Added 'Plastic sleeve' as case type.
  • Search: Global search didn't search in Characters.
  • User interface: Sorting on family name didn't work properly in the Edit Directors, Writers and Composers screen.
  • IMDb import: importing Genres was broken.
  • Translations: Updated the French, German, Hebrew, Slovenian, Swedish and Dutch translations.

Release 5.08

April 24th 2022
  • User interface: Improved filtering on SD / HD.
  • Database: save selection to new database does not include cast pictures, posters and backdrops.
  • TheMovieDb import: improved importing the Studio.
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing extended plot outlines.
  • User interface: Custom streaming services were not always added to thwe selection dropdown.
  • Search: Fix Search Composers window showed a list of actors instead.
  • User interface: Fixed cursor for resizing the main EMDB window.
  • User interface: Added Sort on family name for Edit Directors, Writers and Composers windows too.
  • Search: Improved search on actor from cast in the Edit screen.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Czech, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Dutch translations.

Release 5.07

April 15th 2022
  • Search: When you search inside a collection you now get the option to search in the collection only or in all movies.
  • User interface: add option to change the text color of the list view.
  • Search: Search for missing files did not take the media label into account.
  • TV Series: Improved episode detection (e.g. Babylon.5.S03E01.FRENCH.DVDRip.x264 was detected as season 0 episode 5).
  • Search: Improved search on actors. Searching for "Will Smith" included "Conan the Barbarian" which has "William Smith" in the cast.
  • Make sort on family name configurable for all names (actors, directors, writers, composers)
  • Collections: Fixed a rare crash when trying to delete a collection from the Collections options page.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Czech, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Dutch translations.

Release 5.06

March 16th 2022
  • IMDb import: Fixed broken import due to changes on the IMDb website.
  • User interface: Ctrl-V didn't insert but appended.
  • User interface: Adding multiple movies inside a collection didn't force the collection for all movies after the first one.
  • Backups: Removed option to backup configuration. Custom values are stored in the individual databases so there is no need to restore configurations too.
  • User interface: Allow custom sorting within a collection.
  • Translations: Edit multiple labels title is not translated.
  • User interface: search by letter in Edit Person dialog was broken.
  • User interface: swap firstname / lastname in Edit directors / writers / composers / cast and Search cast.
  • User interface: Crash when playing movies insidea collection.
  • Export: Exporting movies inside a collection exported all movies.
  • Click on cast in movie details panel should open cast tab (+ mouse pointer change)
  • Collections: The list of collections in the options is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Czech, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

Release 5.05

February 23th 2022
  • Database: last used database was not always selected.
  • EAN / UPC import: Improved retrieving movies via UPC / EAN codes.
  • IMDb import: Improve retrieving English artwork when IMDb serves pages localized (e.g. in Bulgaria).
  • CSV import: added import of The TVDb Id.
  • Database: Added tags.
  • Database: Added 60 fps as framerate.
  • Database: Improved re-indexing of the database.
  • Database: Removing unused images could delete collection images still in use.
  • Print: Movies in collections used the collection name instead of the movie title when printing lists.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 5.04

February 9th 2022
  • Database: installing a hotfix now also creates a backup.
  • User interface: preserve aspect ratio when using poster as cover for cases.
  • Database: switching databases sometimes caused a crash.
  • User interface: prevent horizontal scrollbar in listview.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Czech, French, German, Swedish, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 5.03

February 2nd 2022
  • IMDb import: Improved retrieving of English, original and country specific titles for localized (translated in native language) pages.
  • IMDb import: Improved retrieving of Country for localized (translated in native language) pages.
  • User interface: after batch update from a selection the selection was reset.
  • User interface: Sorting now always selects the first movie from the list.
  • User interface: After inserting a movie it sometimes showed up twice in the list / on the shelf.
  • User interface: Deleting a movie from the a search result belonging to a collection deleted the whole collection.
  • Database: custom services and versions are now stored in the databases instead of in the config like custom genres and languages. This way restoring a database on a new system will not loose your custom settings.
  • User interface: Added settings for text and background colors of the movie details panel (and the rest of the main window).
  • User interface: Added settings for collections label and text colors.
  • User interface: fixed startup in TV Mode.
  • User interface: Add from hard disk didn't always add the new movies to the list / shelf.
  • User interface: Fix white background on labels of movies on the shelf.
  • TheMovieDb import: fixed importing of (Youtube) trailers.
  • HTML export: fixed movies in collections were not all shown in all movies overview.
  • User interface: After changing database or a quick search multiple movies were selected.
  • Translations: Updated the French, German, Spanish, Slovanian, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 5.02

January 27th 2022
  • User interface: Added Collections filter
  • System: Improved startup without internet connection.
  • User interface: custom colors of list view were broken.
  • EAN UPC import: fixed serveral issues with EAN / UPC code lookup.
  • User interface: Mirroring the backdrop was not saved.
  • User interface: Fixed displaying full DVD inserts as thumbnail.
  • User interface: Fixed displaying & character in list view.
  • User interface: selection was sometimes invisiable after sorting.
  • User interface: fixed displaying of container column in listview.
  • User interface: Fixed displaying loan data in details panel.
  • User interface: Deleting a movie showed an empty space even if show empty spaces was disabled.
  • User interface: Custom numbering always showed #1 in list view.
  • Print: Printing a selection could result in extra empty pages.
  • User interface: check for updates did not properly detect hotfixes.
  • User interface: Pasting one or movies with Ctrl-V after cut with Ctrl-X doesn't add 'Copy of' as the original is not there anymore.
  • Database: when merging databases collections, collection artwork and backdrops are now also merged.
  • User interface: Added Version to the possible columns to show in the list view.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, German, Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 5.01

January 11th 2022
  • System: Rewrote large parts of code as the collections and other changes of the last couple of years were hard to maintain. Resulting code is much cleaner and EMDB became way faster.
  • System: Added an option to specify the hotfix description.
  • User interface: Collection details are now shown in the details panel.
  • User interface: Added F5 for refreshing / resorting / rebuilding collections.
  • User interface: F1 now launches the online help.
  • Database: Added Search for collections.
  • User interface: Fixed deleting collection artwork.
  • User interface: Fixed crash when quickly scrolling in TV Mode.
  • Export: Export to csv / txt / html exported collections instead of all movies.
  • Database: Renumber in database options added "copy of" to titles.
  • Options: custom texts were not always saved.
  • Options: Pasting collection artwork from clipboard not working.
  • User Interface: last used filter and sort order was not properly applied at startup.
  • Search: Search found movies in collections, Filter did't.
  • Database: If we now add movies from inside a collection they are assigned to that collection.
  • System: Fixed various crashes on empty list / shelf.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Catalan, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish and Dutch translations.

Release 5.00

January 5th 2022
  • Database: Added collections:
    • Groups are converted to collections on first load.
    • All movies in a collection are shown as a single entry with his own case on the shelf / in the list. (This feature can be disabled).
    • A collection can be opened (by double clicking). Only the movies inside the collection are then shown.
    • Collections can have thumbnail, poster and backdrop artwork.
    • Inside a collection entries can be sorted on title, number, year (ascending / descending) independent of the main sorting.
    • Search / filtering includes all movies inside collections.
    • TV Mode fully supports collections.
    • All movies in a collection can be edited, deleted, marked seen / unseen, copied in one go.
    • Collections can be automatically imported from TheMovieDb (including all the artwork).
  • Batch update: select first from list option was broken for both IMDb and TheMovieDB.
  • User Interface: Improve scrollbar of bookshelf when the last row is only partly visible.
  • TheMovieDb Import: English was not detected as spoken language when retrieving data from TheMovieDb.
  • System: Improve creation of (nested) folders when needed.
  • Database: Copy / pasted movies got the same number and (internal) id.
  • Database: Copied movies (and now collections too) get a "copy of" prefix (except when copied into a collection).
  • Startup: Fixed checking for moved files.
  • Search: Reserved spaces were sometimes included in search results.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

Release 4.14

December 18th 2021
  • System: Logging is now stored when importing from hard disk and batch updating.
  • IMDb Import: Storyline can now be imported in the local language (if available at IMDb). You need to set the language of your choice in the Data sources options page.
  • IMDb Import: Genres are now taken from the bottom part of the screen which is a more complete list than the ones listed at the top.
  • Hard Disk: Take ',The' and ', The' postfixes into account when using file names to query IMDb / TMDb.
  • HTML Export: Don't add \HTML when browsing for destination. Default is still My Documents\EMDB\HTML.
  • CSV Import: fixed importing EAN / UPC codes.
  • User Interface: Back button in the cast screen was not disabled when you were on the first page.
  • TV Series: When adding TV Series from from a removable drive the episodes couldn't be assigned if USB Drive labels were enabled.
  • User Interface: When changing genres in the Add / Edit screen manual changes were reset.
  • TheMovieDb Import: overridden genres were set when the origial value matched.
  • Database: Added Mongolian and Tamil as possible options fo spoken languages, subtitle languages and audio streams.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Swedish and Dutch translations.

    • Hotfixes

      • #1: Fixes a crash with the new logging.
      • #2: Fixes a crash when opening certain Search pages.
      • #3: Makes the new logging optional and disables it by default as there were some people still having issues with it (e.g having the database location, were the logging is stored too, on a DropBox folder).

Release 4.13

October 1st 2021
  • IMDb Import: fixed import of movie data from IMDb on Windows 7 / 8 for now. If you are on Windows 7 you should upgrade to Windows 10 to get the best experience when using EMDB. Microsoft stopped support for Windows 7.
  • HTML Export: Fixed double https in trailer links.
  • User Interface: Fixed display of Version.
  • Print: the Thumbnail Overview and Movie Details templates didn't use the custom numbers if enabled.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, Slovenian, French, German and Dutch translations.

Release 4.12

September 15th 2021
  • User Interface: Changes got lost in Edit screen when clicking play after editing.
  • HTML export: fixed export of Custom Genres pages.
  • HTML export: fixed styling of movies on Genre pages for old templates (like Orange Is The New Black).
  • Add TV Series: fixed crash on check for duplicate TV Series in the Add / Edit screen.
  • User Interface: Unchecking TV Series Check was not always saved in the Add / Edit screen.
  • Database: Added HLG as possible HDR type.
  • Database: Added AAC Low Complexity as possible audio codec.
  • Database: Added AV1 as possible video codec.
  • Rename Media Files: Renaming now also renames the subtitle files next to the media files and nfo files.
  • Delete Media Files: Files are now moved to the Recycle bin when deleted.
  • Delete Media Files: Subtitle files are now also deleted next to the media files and nfo files.
  • Delete Media Files: TV Series episodes are now also deleted when a TV series is deleted and delete media files is enabled.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, French, German and Dutch translations.

Release 4.11

August 29th 2021
  • Virus detection: Let's hope Avast likes this one better ;-)
  • IMDb import: fixed importing of year and trailer due to page changes on
  • HTML Export: Added tags for 3D and HDR to HTML export if you want to create your own templates. See for more details.
  • HTML Export: Cast photos were always included even if cast photos are disabled on the movie pages.
  • User Interface: Fixed overridden genres were not shown in Genres popup.
  • User Interface: TV Series Check was not always saved in the Add / Edit screen.
  • User Interface: Changes got lost when switching tabs in the Add / Edit screen.
  • Translations: Updated the Catalan, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 4.10

August 18th 2021
  • User Interface: had to move the genre checkboxes in the Add / Edit screen to a popup window as I reached the maximum number of elements in that screen.
  • TMDb Import: Backdrops were still downloaded during (batch) updating when configured not to download them.
  • DVD and Bluray folder structures were incorrectly detected as moved media files.
  • Backups: The default folder for backups was not correct. It is now set to My Documents\EMDB.
  • User interface: Fixed and improved pasting covers and cast photos from various applications via the clipboard.
  • TVSeries: Fixed and improved manually entering the TVDb Id.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

Release 4.09

July 23th 2021
  • TV Mode: Improved displaying TV mode on Ultra wide screens.
  • Database: Fixed TV Series details got lost when re-indexing the database (renumber with renaming thumbnail files too).
  • IMDb Import: Improved detecting the new dark layout pages for some movies (e.g "Esenno slantze").
  • Database: Added 'Thailand', 'Egypt' and 'Hong Kong' country codes and translations.
  • User interface: Fixed displaying correct HDR / Dolby Vision next to the Codec.
  • TV Series: Added Single Season flag. If this flag is set updating the Series will not add any other seasons.
  • TV Mode: Added option to the startup options to start in TV Mode.
  • Batch Update: Added Batch update for TV Series from TheTVDb.
  • Search: Added Search for TV series statuses.
  • Translations: Updated the Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Arabic, French, Turkish, German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 4.08

June 27th 2021
  • User Interface: After adding a movie EMDB was moved to the background.
  • Database: When Cutting and Pasting a movie the artwork got lost.
  • Database: When adding a movie the cast was not added if update cast was not enabled in the batch update options.
  • User Interface: fixed screensaver was not starting.
  • User Interface: Prevent Ctrl-X when Delete is disabled.
  • IMDb / TheMovieDb import: Improved downloading and updating of the cast. Switching between IMDb and TheMovieDb works better, the whole cast is now always replaced on update, different actors with the same name are detected better.
  • TV mode: added an exit button clickable by mouse.
  • User Interface: Added a dedicated toolbar button for TV Mode and removed TV Mode from the View Button / Alt-Tab.
  • Translations: Updated the German, French, Simplified Chinese, Arabic and Dutch translations.

What's New?

Release 4.07

June 22nd 2021
  • IMDb Import: Fixed importing titles with & in the new dark mode pages (e.g. Fast & Furious).
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing of Metacritic scores in the new dark mode pages.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed importing of durations shorten than 1 hour in the new dark mode pages.
  • User interface: Added an option in the Add/ Edit screen to view, add, update or remove the backdrops.
  • User Interface: Show IMDb Metascore setting was not saved.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Update for TV Series was not working.
  • Translations: Translated the Help screen in TV Mode.
  • TV mode: Fixed font size when setting a large font size on a not that high resolution (e.g 150% @ 1920x1080).
  • TV mode: Fixed playing media files on external disks.
  • Translations: Fixed the translations of bit depth the items in the dropdown in the Add / Edit screen.
  • Add from hard disk: Year is now removed from folder name when using folder name to query IMDb / TheMovieDb.
  • Rename media files: The root folder of TV Series was renamed by accident.
  • TV Mode: For now help is shown when TV Mode is started as a lot of users don't know how to use it yet (even showing the help ;-).
  • User interface: Added bit depth as selectable column.
  • Export / Print: Added bit depth as column to export / print.
  • Add movies: Improved detection of duplicates if new movie has TheMovieDb Id and existing ones in the database still have IMDb Ids.
  • User interface: Fixed detection of HD / 4K movies based on resolution didn't always work.
  • Database: Added 2160p to the predefined resolutions.
  • Translations: Updated the German, French, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Arabic and Dutch translations.

What's New?

Release 4.06

June 12th 2021
  • TV Mode: Added new viewing mode TV Mode. Triggered by questions like "Using EMDB on my big screen TV I can't read the plot outline" and "can you add a keyboard shortcut for this and that as we use EMDB to play my media files on our TV in the living room" I decided to create a new feature: TV Mode. It shows a full screen graphical overview of your movies with boxart, backdrop and media properties. You can browse your movies and TV Shows including seasons and episodes. It's designed to show on big full HD wide screens but all resolutions are supported. It's designed to be controlled by keyboard (or even better a infrared USB receiver mapping remote control buttons to keystrokes). Backdrops are automatically downloaded in the background if TMDB Id is present (IMDb does not hold backdrops). MediaInfo is automatically scanning media files and TV Series episodes in the background if the data is not available yet. Hope you like it. I do.
  • System: Added option to import customization key in the aboutbox.
  • User interface: Added keyboard shortcuts for marking as seen (Ctrl-S) and open file location (Ctrl-O).
  • IMDb Import: Improved reading plot outline from new layout.
  • TV Series: TVSeries now stores media data per episode (only shown in TV Mode for now).
  • System: EMDB doesn't need its used fonts to be installed anymore to be even more portable.
  • Database: added Bit depth field.
  • Media Info: Improved detecting AAC audio codec.
  • Add / Edit dialog: Fixed displaying HDR after MediaInfo scan.
  • Media Info: retrieve Bit depth from media file.
  • Actor Edit: photo edits were not canceled when using cancel button.
  • Startup: Check for hotfix is now always executed regardless the check for updates setting as a lot of people missed the last hotfix which fixed the broken IMDb import.
  • Add / Edit Movie: clicking on a actor photo did not save the movie (or changes) before seaching for movies with this actor.
  • Edit Movie: Update didn't add more actors. Original ones including the order is still preserved to protect custom editing.
  • Batch update: An Update completely replaced the existing cast. Now the existing cast including the order is preserved to protect custom editing. If needed more actors are added or the list is limited if too many are listed according the Data Source settings.
  • (Batch) Update: Made updating of the color field optional.
  • Artwork: added backdrops (for now only shown in TV Mode).
  • Batch update: added support for updating backdrops.
  • Backups: Improved full backup with multiple databases if a non default database was selected.
  • Add / Edit: Fixed height of Add / Edit screen when EMDB is not on the primary monitor.
  • System: Fixed start position of the main window when EMDB is not on the primary monitor.
  • Translations: Updated the Swedish, Catalan, French, German and Dutch translations.

Release 4.05

May 26th 2021
  • IMDb Import: Added preliminary support for IMDb's new Dark layout which is currently randomly served to some users. It seems still in test mode. For now EMDB tries to detect which page is served. Dark mode pages are not supporting all data properties yet. Full implementation will only be done after IMDb has switched for all users.
  • System: Changed the base database location to User\AppData\Roaming following Microsoft guidelines. This will also prevent virus scanners like Avast preventing saving thumbnails. Your database(s) are moved the first time EMDB is started.
  • TVSeries: Poster was not updated if TVDb image should be used as main image.
  • User interface: Fix tooltips IMDb button Edit Cast and Edit Actor screens.
  • TheMovieDb Import: Added option to import Brazilian Portuguese plot outlines and artwork.
  • File import: Added EAN/UPC as option to import.
  • TheMovieDb Import: Fixed double quotes in cast and character names.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Fixed manual update (based on tomato page url).
  • User interface: Moved the Lock for Changes check to the bottom button bar in the Add / Edit screen.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, Portuguese, Slovenian, German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 4.04

April 13th 2021
  • Translations: Added Chile, Colombia and Switzerland as Countries.
  • Startup: Detect deleted media files didn't always delete all files.
  • TVSeries: Fixed manually adding seasons.
  • Playlists: Creating playlists with relative paths enabled sometimes resulted in unplayable playlists.
  • User Interface: IMDb / User Ratings were not hidden in the Edit screen if they were configured not to show.
  • User Interface: Tooltips somtimes prevented clicking on link buttons.
  • User Interface: fixed some IMDb / TMDb translation mixups.
  • TheMovieDb Import: fixed searching on tv/id.
  • TheMovieDb Import: Improved getting directors and Writers of TV Series.
  • IMDb import: fixed detection of (uncredited).
  • IMDb import: fixed displaying # in characters.
  • Rotten tomatoes: Improved searching TV Series.
  • Translations: Updated the French, Spanish, Swedish, German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 4.03

April 8th 2021
  • User Interface: Sometimes the IMDb trailer button was not shown correctly.
  • User Interface: Random feature didn't took the Unseen option into account.
  • IMDb / TheMovieDb Search: Improved search on titles with special characters (e.g '谢里', 'Æon Flux' or 'Två människor').
  • (Batch) Update: Added option to prevent updating certain fields.
  • Internet Import: Indian movies had USA as country when data was retrieved from IMDb.
  • Internet Import: Added an option to not download Posters.
  • Database: Improved editing the Rotten tomatoes link.
  • Export to HTML: the generated HTML did not show custom cast images.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed downloading thumbnails / posters which are huge on IMDb (e.g. The Honest Thief, 8100 x 12000 pixels).
  • TheMovieDb Import: Improved retrieving Country.
  • Add Movie: Added option to switch data sources in the Add / Edit screen.
  • Add / Edit Actor / Actress: When searching IMDb for a new actor / actress the image was not saved.
  • Translations: Added South Africa and India as Countries.
  • Translations: Updated the French, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 4.02

March 26th 2021
  • Backups: Fixed an issue were a restored backup was not properly loading afterwards.
  • Media Info: Media Info button in Edit screen was not enabled when file has a [Drive label].
  • User Interface: Movie Details Panel could not be expanded / collapsed.
  • Search: If No results were found on a the previous Search / Filter an option to search on the full database is provided.
  • Search: Added an option to search on full database or previous search result.
  • TheMovieDb Import: Improved getting cast for TV Series.
  • Edit Movie: Update from IMDb / TMDb did not always use existing IMDb / TMDb Id.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Catalan, Italian, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 4.01

March 23th 2021
  • Search: Instead of the combined search searching / filtering is now applied on the preview search results.
  • User interface: Browsing the location for a TV Series now opens a Folder picker instead of a File picker.
  • Media Info: Selecting a folder as location now triggers MediaInfo for the first valid media file found in this folder.
  • Database: Clean database didn't clean the Posters folder.
  • Batch Update: Fixed an issue were previous results were used in next TMDb Updates.
  • User Interface: Improved detection of 4K resolution (to show 4K boxes).
  • User Interface: Updated default thumbnail and actor photo.
  • Random: Selection a random unseen movie crashed EMDB when all movies are marked as seen.
  • Edit Actor: Fixed editing actors and searching on IMDb for actors.
  • Print : Added Country to the Movie Details print template.
  • Playlist: When selection multiple movies to play the drive labels were included in the paths preventing most media players to play the files correctly.
  • Added options to hide IMDb Metascore and Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer score.
  • HTML Export: Fixed an issue with the thumbnail layout in Firefox.
  • User Interface: Renamed Scrapers to Data Sources as the term was too technical for most people to understand.
  • User Interface: Fixed Alternative title type was not remembered when closing EMDB.
  • TheMovieDb: Improved Search results. EMDB now shows titles and plot line descriptions in the language specified in the Data Sources Options Page.
  • Tranlations: Added New Zealand and China as Countries.
  • Translations: Updated the Swedish, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 4.00

March 12th 2021
  • Scrapers: You can now configure EMDB to use IMDb or TheMovieDb as main data source.
    Both have advantages and disadvantages.
    TheMovieDb has localized plot outlines, artwork and trailers and holds more (obscure) movies and better cast photos, even for non-American actors / actresses.
    IMDb combines movies and TV Series in searches, has more data for movies, more genres, IMDb top 250 and lists more certifications for different countries.
    But the main advantage of TheMovieDb is that it is FAST: it has an API to get the data instead of having to load webpages in the background and scrape the data.
    The API is WAY faster and more robust. Therefore I decided to make TheMovieDb the default scaper but you can switch back to IMDb if you want.
  • Add from Hard disk: Only TV Shows or Movies are now listed for multiple search results depending an type being added.
  • EAN UPC lookup: If the title returned by the EAN UPC Service doesn't return a match on IMDb / TMDb the full returned text is now set as title.
  • Database: Updating a TV Series resetted the Seasons to Season 1.
  • Database: Setting "SEEN" when playing a Media file from EMDB is now optional.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed detection for VC-1 Video codec.
  • User interface: IMDb Top 250 position of a movie is obscured by the movie poster for movies in the 100+ positions.
  • User Interface: Added Container as column to display, print or export.
  • Add from Hard disk: Improved determining the folder of a TV Series when scanning adding TV Series from nested folders.
  • User interface: Create a Playlist when selecting multiple movies and play them.
  • Add from Hard disk: NFO files: added TMDb id when creating NFO files and better follow the Kodi nfo specs.
  • Add from Hard disk: NFO files: use TMDb id from NFO file when scraper is set to TheMovieDb.
  • User interface: Added more clear warning when media file(s) are going to be deleted when deleting one or more entries in the database.
  • User interface: Improve position IMDb and User ratings in the Movie Details Panel.
  • Media Files: Fixed detecting wrong external drive mounted.
  • Media Files: Fixed Batch Update on Media Labels.
  • HTML Export: fixed an issue when a removed template was previously selected.
  • HTML Export: updated default template. Also the internal structure is updated. More parts are now templated. Existing custom HTML templates are kept working but should be updated.
  • Database: Added 5 custom Version fields.
  • Translations: Added translations for (most common) Countries retrieved from IMDb and TheMovieDb.
  • Translations: Added some more untranslated texts and improved some English translations.
  • Translations: Updated the Slovenian, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

What's New?

Release 3.72

February 16th 2021
  • DataBase: Number of discs was reset to 1 on several batch operations like Renumber the database.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Fixed importing of Rating and 'Certified Fresh' in (Batch) Update.
  • User Interface: Added a Rotten Tomatoes Link button to the Add / Edit Dialog and Movies Details panel.
  • User Interface: Playing a movie did not update the Seen flag.
  • Translations: Added some untranslated texts.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

What's New?

Release 3.71

February 11th 2021
  • User Interface: When typing multiple characters to find a movie every character advanced the search one position.
  • User Interface: When typing characters to find a movie a partially visible movie on the first postion of a row was not made fully visible.
  • HTML Export: Fixed an issue with weird Unicode characters breaking the saving to HTML (ASCII) resulting in not all movies getting listed.
  • Add from hard disk: Improved detection of moved files.
  • User Interface: Blurays were not always detected correctly based on resolution when custom text like '1280x720' was entered.
  • User Interface: Added IMDb Search for adding new Actors.
  • CSV File Import: Improved the import of cast when actors are separated by '|' or ';'.
  • User Interface: Added an option to delete Directors, Writers and Composers.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Fixed importing of 'Certified Fresh' in (Batch) Update.
  • User Interface: Fixed cut off date added in movie details panel.
  • Startup: EMDB can now process moved, deleted and new media files in one go at startup.
  • Startup: Improved detection of moved files.
  • Add from Hard disk: Improved detection of moved files.
  • User Interface: Added sort on IMDB Top 250.
  • Translations: Added a Bulgarian translation.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Simplified Chinese, Catalan, Spanish, Russian, French, Slovenian, Swedish and Dutch translations.

What's New?

Release 3.70

November 8th 2020
  • Add Files from Hard Disk: If a found file exists in the database but with a different path, the file sizes are the same and the existing entry does not exist anymore, the file is now considered to be moved and the path of the existing entry is updated.
  • Startup Checks: Added check for moved files (see previous for the logic).
  • Add Files from Hard Disk: You can now simply drag and drop movie files or folders on the Bookshelf to add them to EMDB.
  • Database Merge: fixed covers / posters from the selected database were not properly transfered to the current database.
  • User interface: Improved zooming and scrolling of the bookshelf.
  • Translations: Updated the Dutch translation.

Release 3.69

October 31st 2020
  • IMDb import: Fixed importing of Writers and Composers.
  • TheTVDB Import: Fixed import on Windows 7/8.
  • Backups: Fixed restoring databases from really old versions.
  • Search: Set focus on main edit field for every Search page.
  • Search Character page: remove number of episodes and years from the list of characters.
  • Manually Add / Edit Actor: If you manually add an Actor you can update Name / Photo only only if you provide a (valid) IMDb id. Made that more clear.
  • Manually Add / Edit Actor: If you update an actor which has no photo yet the downloaded photo was not shown immediately in the Edit window.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, French, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

Release 3.68

October 9th 2020
  • Database: Added re-indexing based on current sorting and renaming of thumnbails.
  • PayPal: Fixed the donate and order customized version of EMDB buttons on the about page.
  • Export to HTML: Fixed title sorting for some foreign titles with prefixes (e.g. "L'Étudiante").
  • Groups: Fixed incorrect stored group sorting strings.
  • TV Series: Added warning when selecting Single Season.
  • Poster screensaver: fixed hanging of EMDB when no posters are available.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Improved filtering of keywords.
  • Add / Edit Movie: Fixed MediaInfo update freezes EMDB when the Location is a folder.
  • Add / Edit Movie: Fixed EMDB moved behind other applications after IMDb lookup.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed detection of DD Plus 7.1 and AAC 1.0 Audio streams.
  • MediaInfo: Retrieve framerate when adding movies from Hard Disk.
  • MediaInfo: Retrieve info from a m3u playlist now retrieves info from the first file instead of failing as playlists are not supported by MediaInfo.
  • PlayLists: Fixed creation of playlists in Add / Edit dialog sometimes failed.
  • Translations: Updated the Spanish, German, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, French, Italian and Dutch translations.

Release 3.67

September 15th 2020
  • System: Fixed loaded of localized currency symbol.
  • Database: Added Framerate field.
  • MediaInfo: Added retrieving of Framerate.
  • User Interface: Clearing the global search field now shows all movies again.
  • Search: Fixed Subtitle Search.
  • IMDb Import: Improved Cast import, especially for movies or series with huge cast lists (e.g. Tatort 1970).
  • IMDb Import: Fixed search for titles containing '%' (e.g 100% Coco).
  • System: EMDB crashed at startup when no internet connection is available.
  • Backups: Added automatic and manual backups for config file.
  • Backups: Added option to backup all databases in one go (both for manual and update backups).
  • AutoUpdate: Updated AutoUpdater to be able to restart EMDB.
  • Rename Media Files: %L sometimes added an extra character.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, French, Catalan and Dutch translations.

Release 3.66

September 2nd 2020
  • User Interface: I was forced to remove all IMDb logos on demand of IMDb lawyers. :-(.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Disabling importing Rotten Tomatoes scores now also hides the scores in the Movie Details Panel and Add / Edit Movie screen.
  • Search: Added Search for missing files (thumbnails, media files, TV Series Episodes).
  • User Interface: Added Video Codec to Movie Details Panel (instead of features).
  • User Interface: Added option to hide the ratings in the Movie Details Panel.
  • Database: Added some more standard aspect ratios.
  • Database: Added Catalan as Spoken Language / Subtitle / Audio Stream language.
  • Search: Added Search on video codecs.
  • Added feature to remove duplicate directors.
  • Search: Improved case insensitive search on foreign charavter sets (e.g. find "Das Böse" if search for "DAS BÖSE")
  • Add from Hard Disk: Fixed detecting episodes starting for file names starting with a number (e.g. '3rd Rock From The Sun S01 E01 Brains and Eggs.mkv').
  • TV Series: Improved getting main thumbnail from TheTVDB for multi (using series poster) or single seasons (using season poster) if configured.
  • File Import: Fixed an issue with csv files containging double quotes.
  • User Interface: Improved search box user interaction on search while typing.
  • System: Changed config file location from Documents to AppData.
  • Translations: Fixed several issues with translations for multiple languages.
  • Translations: Updated the Swedisch, Slovenian, French, German, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 3.65

July 12th 2020
  • Delete Movies: fixed issue with deleting multiple (all) movies.
  • User Interface: Removed duplicate PCM from audio stream lists.
  • Translations: Fixed ??? showing up in list of Audio Streams.
  • Translations: Added some missing translations.
  • User Interface: Fixed display of poster thumbnail and TODO image if display is set to DVD Insert.
  • User Interface: Fixed column width was not restored in some rare cases.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Improved progress messages for adding single and multiple TV Series.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Always use the folder name for querying TV Series.
  • Fixed too large UI for Ultra HD 125% or higher.
  • HTML Export: Added Tagline to movies pages.
  • User Interface: Several large Windows Font Size improvements.
  • Fixed Tagline was not reset in Add Movie screen.
  • MediaInfo: Improved parisng MediaInfo results and fixed some more undetected Audio streams.
  • Edit Cast: Fixed editing actors with voice only.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Persian, Italian, French, Swedish and Dutch translations.

Release 3.64

July 1st 2020
  • Groups: First group from the list could not be selected.
  • DataBase: Added TagLine field.
  • CSV Import / Export: better support csv standards by escaping separator characters and double quotes.
  • Thumbnail / Poster Batch Update: Optimzed reading Poster / Thumbnail from IMDb in Batch Update.
  • TVSeries: Improved detecting season info for format 'Name.Properties.102.ReleaseGroup.extension'.
  • Add from Hard Disk: Added support for adding multiple TV Series at once (if they are in their own folder).
  • Delete: Improved if highest Movie position is reserved after deleting one or more movies this useless position is removed too.
  • Edit Actors: Update actor with imdb number sometimes returned an empty name. If no photo was available photo was not cleared.
  • Options: Export / Print column widths were not correctly saved.
  • User Interface: Improved restoring column widths of the ListView.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed some more undetected Audio streams.
  • User Interface: Sort on runtime was sometimes incorrect due to new display in hours for very long durations (TV Series).
  • Add from Hard Disk: Improved parsing of movie filenames for IMDb lookup.
  • Rename Media Files: Added %d Director.
  • User Interface: Better support larger Windows Font Size (125% or 150%).
  • Translations: Updated the Turkish, Arabic, French, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German and Dutch translations.

Release 3.63

June 14th 2020
  • System: Force downloading Autoupdater if new version is available.
  • System: The Autoupdater is downloaded if needed but not present.
  • Added option to show/hide title in poster view
  • Added poster view slideshow with screensaver mode.
  • Fix poster display on Secondary Monitor.
  • System: Added context menu option to move file(s).
  • Media Files: Made the feature to store the drive labels of external disks along with the path name optional.
  • User Interface: Small improvements in drawing DVD and 4K cases with and without cover.
  • User Interface: Improved displaying file and network traffic sizes.
  • User Interface: Fixed a scrollbar issue in the Groups Selection Screen.
  • Database: Improved Adding and Editing Actors including ability to edit the Actor IMDb ID.
  • Batch Update: Added options to only update missing Thumbnails and/or Posters.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed some more undetected Audio streams.
  • User Interface: Fixed position Options Screen on Secondary Monitor.
  • Database: Added addition of a ghost movie when only one or more changes were made in the Edit Movie screen.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Slovenian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 3.62

May 19th 2020
  • User Unterface: Added title / year to the poster view.
  • Hotfix: Added "Not Now" Button to postpone a hotfix.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed some more (rare) undetected audio streams.
  • TV Series: Main duration now shows number of episodes + total duration (only for new or updated entries).
  • User Interface: When entering a title to manually to add a movie sometimes a '0' was added before the title.
  • Add from Hard Disk: EMDB selected the first entry from the IMDb query results matching the year in the file name even if there were more matches.
  • Add from Hard Disk: Fixed removing keywords and from search string.
  • Downloads: Update the Basic Elegant Icon set (thanks to Domenico Cosentino).
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch translations.

Release 3.61

May 13th 2020
  • System: Added Hotfix feature to deploy small fixes without having to release a new version.
  • User Interface: Fixed crash when opening the Search screen.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.

Release 3.60

May 11th 2020
  • IMDb Search: Improved searching for very long titles (e.g. 'Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn')
  • TV Series: Making a season a single season should set the season poster as main bookshelf poster too.
  • TV Series: Deleting a TV Series Season didn't delete the season cover.
  • User Interface: Changes in Groups were not saved if nothing in the Database was changed before closing EMDB.
  • MediaInfo: Fixed some incorrect detected and undetected audio streams.
  • Database: Added 'CED Video Disc' as Media type.
  • Database: Added 'FLAC' as Audio Stream type.
  • Database: Added 'Maya' as Subtitle and Spoken Language type.
  • Database: Fixed a crash when merging databases with movies with invalid Actors, Directors, Writers or Composers.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Improved adding TV Series: The folder name is now used as search text. Better episode detection. Added check if TV Series folder is already used.
  • User Interface: Moved the Update Media File Locations feature to the Batch Update Options page.
  • User Interface: Added a Show All Button to clear Search and Filter results to the toolbar.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, Slovenian, Russian and Dutch translations.

Release 3.59

May 2nd 2020
  • Import TheTVDB: Fixed season and specials posters for Series with more than 10 seasons.
  • Custom Values: Fixed saving Custom Services.
  • Translations: Updated the German translation.

Release 3.58

May 1st 2020
  • User Interface: Unchecking TV Series was not saved.
  • import TheTVDB: Fixed importing of special (escaped) characters and new lines in episode descriptions.
  • Renaming Media Files: Spaces were replaced by underscores.
  • Translations: Fixed translation of Add Groups Dialog.
  • Database: Added option to allow duplicates when merging databases.
  • Add Movies: Improved Check for duplicates when adding movies.
  • User Interface: Improved sorting after Search or Filter.
  • MediaInfo: Added support for reading HDR, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.
  • Translations: Updated the Simplified Chinese, German and Dutch translations.

Release 3.57

April 27th 2020
  • User Interface: Moved Managing groups to the Options.
  • User Interface: Improved drawing of the cover and selection of 4K UHD cases on the bookshelf.
  • Database: Added batch renaming USB drive labels.
  • TV Series: Fixed displaying season information on the bookshelf when seasons don't have episodes yet.
  • TV Series: Better handle adding seasons which are not sequential.
  • TV Series: Improved detection of episodes from file names and added support for years as seasons. (e.g. Tatort 2020x14.mp4)
  • The TVDb Import :Added support for years as seasons.
  • Database: When switching location in the Database Options Page the extra databases are now also automatically detected.
  • Database: Added 5 more custom genres.
  • Printing: Updated all templates to better support high resolution printers.
  • Add from Hard disk: Don'tcheck for TV Series episodes anymore when adding Movies.
  • Database: Added 'NOW TV' to the Streaming Services.
  • Bookshelf: Improve navigating movies starting with a letter using the keyboard and F3.
  • Translations: Updated the Czech, German, Arabic, Spanish, Persian, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

Release 3.56

March 28th 2020
  • Restoring Backups: Opening an emdb.dat inside a backup folder now works too (retrieving the full backup)
  • TheTVDB Import: Not existing images on the TheTVDB server broke the import.
  • EAN/UPC lookup: Major improvement on resolving movies due to incorrect EAN/UPC (thanks to Matthew Bresson)
  • Database: Added Movies Anywhere to the Streaming Services.
  • User Interface: Fixed slow switching between databases.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Arabic, Simplified Chinese Catalan, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

Release 3.55

March 7th 2020
  • TheTVDB Import: Specials were not imported.
  • TheTVDB Import: Lock season didn't lock updating the season cover.
  • TheTVDB Import: Seen date for specials was not saved.
  • System: Made renaming of the databases more robust.
  • User Interface: Added an overview screen to show which movies are going to be deleted when searching for removed media files.
  • Checking Seen now also unchecks Shortlist.
  • User Interface: Extended the zoom factor and case spacing for 4K displays.
  • Add from Harddisk: Improved speed of getting actor photo's.
  • User Interface: Ignore Prefixes was not taken into account when sorting on Groups.
  • User Interface: Available columns to display in ListView were not always showing correctly.
  • Translations: Updated the German, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Dutch translations.

Release 3.54

February 12th 2020
  • Updates: Fixed manual check for updates in the About Options Page.
  • Add From Hard Disk: Fixed some movies were incorrectly identified as TV Series Episodes.

Release 3.53

February 7th 2020
  • User Interface: Added visualization for selected sort column and direction in ListView.
  • Database Assigning custom cast photo’s sometimes failed.
  • Edit Multiple Movies: Added Streaming Service as field to edit.
  • Database: Added VUDU as streaming source.
  • User Interface: added option to copy the movie cover to the clipboard.
  • User Interface: Improved keyboard control of message boxes: you can now use arrow keys and ENTER (or SPACE) to select a button to choose.
  • User Interface: Improved the tab order of the Add / Edit Movies Screen.
  • User Interface: Context menu didn't work on multiple selection in ListView.
  • User Interface: Added option to toggle displaying VHS tapes on the Bookshelf.
  • IMDb Import: Fixed IMDb lookup when entering IMDb number in the Title field.
  • TVDB Import: Fixed an issue with episodes from seasons getting mixed up.
  • TV Series: Improved detection of valid episode file names.
  • Add Movie: IMDb Top 250 value was sometimes taken over when multiple movies were manually added in one go.
  • Add from HardDisk: Fixed an issue with custom NFO files.
  • Batch Update: Create Missing NFO's didn't take the setting All / Selected / Filter Results into account.
  • Translations: Updated the Spanish, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian, Slovenian and Dutch translations.

Release 3.52

December 8st 2019
  • Rottent Tomatoes Import: Optimzed download for movies were the years on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes don't match.
  • Rottent Tomatoes Import: Fixed Batch Update took over values from previous movie is no match.
  • TheTVDB Import: Fixed crash when search without IMDb number was made.
  • TheTVDB Import: Fixed Windows 7 blocked TheTVDB import.
  • User Interface: Added VHS Sleeve visualisation for the bookshelf.
  • User Interface: Fixed cropping CD Jewel case image from DVD cover.
  • Cover Import: Removed import as the site is gone.
  • Translations: Updated the Arabic, German, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian and Dutch translations.