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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the most common questions we received via mail.

EMDB always imports from as that what it is based on. IMDb only lists English texts. Plot outlines and artwork can be downloaded in another language from TheMovieDb. You can configure this in the Internet Import Options.

The Loan tracker is located in the Movie Details Panel in the main window. To open this click the small arrow in the bottom center of the main window. The Loan Tracker is just below the thumbnail.

The Delete button can be enabled in the General options. The Play button is only enabled after you select a playable file on your hard drive in the Location field of a movie.

Make sure you can open in Internet Explorer (even if you are using Chrome or Firefox as default browser!). EMDB uses the IE engine in the background to access web pages like

We didn't. Make sure the EMDB window is large enough to show all buttons.

Make sure the file names of the episodes comply to the Kodi / XBMC episode naming convention. You can find a full description of this here.

Yes. Just use the sort button in the toolbar or click on the header of the column you want to sort your list. Clicking again changes the sort order. You can also use the Sort dropdown button from the toolbar.

Create a backup of your database and all thumbnails to a safe place (other hard disk, network drive or memory stick). This can be done in the Backups Options Page. After installing EMDB on another PC or reinstalled Windows restore the backup (using the Restore button in the Backup Options Page).

You are probably using large fonts (125%). You can switch the Add / Edit dialog to use a tabbed view to fit on the screen. You can enable this feature in the General section of the Options dialog

Yes. EMDB works perfectly on all versions of Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. XP is not supported as it is not supported by Microsoft for a long time now.

No. I don't own a MAC. Give me a MacBook Pro and I will create iEMDB ;-). Seriously, I don't have the time to develop any other operating system versions of EMDB. My wife and children would not see me anymore if I did...

EMDB can run on Linux using Wine I am told. I don't have experience with this myself...

Yes. Just install the new version. Don't change the default location provided by the installer. This should be same location the current version of EMDB (and your database and thumbnails). The database will be completely available in the new version. Even better is to enable automatic updates. This way you get notified at startup if a new versaio is available and it will automatically update after confirmation.

Yes. You can order your own customized version of EMDB here.

Good question! Use the manual backup feature in the Backups section of the Options dialog. Browse for a safe location (e.g. other hard disk, network drive or memory stick).

No. I'm sorry. I knowe some people do store books or audio cds in EMDB but I didn't design it for such usage.